Dendrimer and Monomer Scale-Up

We recently were funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to purchase a small scale pilot plant for the scale-up of our dendrimers and their starting materials with an eye towards commercialization. Subsequently, we acquired two, fully automated reactor systems. These systems, which consist of 10 and 20 liter reaction vessels, coupled with our 8 liter Parr hydrogenation apparatus and our 20 liter Heidolph LR 20 rotary evaporator, allow the preparation of kilogram quantities of our dendritic materials. A list of initial offerings is forthcoming. Of course this also affords us the capability to perform custom syntheses and contract work.

Below are photographs of some of our equipment as it was being set up, calibrated, and tested. Operation of the reactors is constrained to a walk-in hood for isolation of large volumes of reagents and solvents thus affording an additional element of safety and precaution.

Temperature control for this 10 L reactor is provided via water jacket circulation. Reaction progress can be followed via time, temperature, pH, pressure, amount of reagent(s) added, or any combination of these parameters. Monitoring and control can be performed in the lab or from any appropriately configured computer. The round bottom flask connected to the reaction vessel permits lighter-than-water or heavier-than-water liquid-liquid extraction thereby limiting the need to handle large cumbersome separatory funnels.

This reactor is similar but it also possesses a vacuum jacket for finer temperature control and an automated pneumatic release valve at the bottom of the reactor. Our 20 L vessel is identical to the one pictured here; it is the same diameter just twice as long.

This 20 L rotary evaporator has two 10 L receiver flasks and has programmable pressure and temperature controls.

Our hydrogenation apparatus permits daily production of pound quantities of amine-based monomers. Pressures up to 1500 psi are attainable, although, we normally operate in the range of 100-150 psi. Typically, we can produce two pounds of aminotriester monomer (Behera's Amine) during the course of a day.

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